Think positive!!!!

Every person has their own key but finding the right door is the mystery.

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton

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Every day people complain and so did I , forgetting that we all have a choice  a choice to sulk or to move on .We create our own troubles. From last few days something magical has been happening to me ,whatever I am thinking is happening in reality . The key is positive thinking ,it manifests whatever you want in real life.

Manifestations do occur in real life. Once there is a problem there is also a solution,though it is hidden in your thoughts you just need to concentrate.To be honest I find my answers in the novels which I love to read.

Its like you are in a different world altogether.When you start thinking about something it seems it is everywhere.Issac Newton who discovered the concept of gravity had a dream or a daydream where the apple fell on his head.In reality the apple had never fell on Newtons head it was just a hypothetical concept basically a day dream. The main point here is that Newton was so focused on one thing that his brain bought an image or a thought which brought a revolution in the science field.

The answer to problems are always in our thoughts its just we have to make a certain pattern.


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