We all dream and sometimes in our dreams there are solutions,ideas that makes us feel like ‘wow’. To tell the truth I sleep a lot and some dreams give me such marvelous ideas for example I had a dream about a girl walking in a field she was wearing a shirt which was full sleeve but only one side was full and the other was half and I checked it on the internet because sometimes people say you have seen something and your unconscious mind registers it so there were no results this is an original design made in my mind while sleeping.

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Now if you start decoding your dreams you will find that there are certain patterns in your dream which either makes you a hero or a victim.Sometimes an adventure or sometimes a nightmare it depends on you.

Now if you like movies you might love sleeping as every dream has a new story in it so .If you are a science student you would know what benzene and its structure is. Now the person who discovered this had a dream about six snakes biting each others tails and when he woke up and got the ‘aha’ moment when he realized that is the structure of benzene.


Dreams and thoughts work hand in hand!!!

Think positive!!!!

Every person has their own key but finding the right door is the mystery.

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton

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Every day people complain and so did I , forgetting that we all have a choice  a choice to sulk or to move on .We create our own troubles. From last few days something magical has been happening to me ,whatever I am thinking is happening in reality . The key is positive thinking ,it manifests whatever you want in real life.

Manifestations do occur in real life. Once there is a problem there is also a solution,though it is hidden in your thoughts you just need to concentrate.To be honest I find my answers in the novels which I love to read.

Its like you are in a different world altogether.When you start thinking about something it seems it is everywhere.Issac Newton who discovered the concept of gravity had a dream or a daydream where the apple fell on his head.In reality the apple had never fell on Newtons head it was just a hypothetical concept basically a day dream. The main point here is that Newton was so focused on one thing that his brain bought an image or a thought which brought a revolution in the science field.

The answer to problems are always in our thoughts its just we have to make a certain pattern.